Limp Wristed

by Fyrrh

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This is a batch of homespun recordings inspired by children, cats, time, dream patterns and fairytale lands. Recorded in a few old houses in Grand Rapids, MI. Euphoria reached at higher volumes. Produced by Fyrrh.


released January 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Fyrrh Grand Rapids, Michigan

Andrew Tamlyn, Casey Huizenga
Logan Mooney
Shane Tripp

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Track Name: Orange Cream
It weighs on you when you wake up on the wrong side
All is full of know what
It weighs on you when you realize you're a goner
One foot in front of the other one
Look how far gone I'm in the future
All is well on the way to meet her

Moving on in the form of an alien
Crystalize my mind crystalize my mind

I'm on my way toward the sun
Tell me you can't read my mind
Look ready stare at it come closer
I'm on my way toward the sun
Track Name: Gideon
Well it looked like
We'd be up all night
To get our feet wet
It's a sign of the times of the times
I live you sleep
You sleep I live
We work together
Track Name: Niima
I'm on higher ground, but only when the sea feels good.
Sugar is my landmark where I bring it all back to me
Cause all I want is a little more time
Lying in the mellow meadow
Listen to the sugar white fever
I'm living in another time
Wishing you all the same from me
Cause then you'll look good when you're under the weather
Track Name: Drifter
White walls and orange juice starin at me and you
Marmalade hand waves sideways
Outside is calling
What's in your way? What's on your mind?
Only she can see, whats on your way

Three leaves and lavender, I'll burn it all
Marmalade hand waves sideways
Outside is calling
What's in your way? What's on your mind?
Where where are you? Off in your head?
Mouth feeling green eyes understood
Runaway runaway drift away and away
Track Name: Sunken Place
I had a vision red grass slow mind
A lavender lady brings you wine
When you look at the sun from a sunken place
Time always gets the better you

My mind too fast I'd rather be behind
When you gonna slow down
I'm on the illusion look to the air
When you gonna slow down
Track Name: Lovecraft
We need to find our little souls before we
face that creature that feeds on our sleep
Listen to the forest rain, breathe deep in the garden day
Fill your lungs with all that's welcome her. Fill your lungs with all

I've seen your eyes off me magic from your world
Well who am I to tell you all the things I know
Crystal land in the mirror, thanks for hanging around
Think I feel a bit clearer about the sound of light and love

I've seen your eyes fill the needed heart
I'm gonna wait then gonna run out pretty far
I've seen all the prettiest days, were getting along and there's no word for smiling back

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